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830 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States

2017 Season!

The Beals & Co. Showroom 2017 Lineup!

This year Beals & Co. presents a packed calendar of shows full of its premiere artists. From abstract paintings to poetry, large scale canvases to miniature works, the lineup epitomizes the company’s commitment to representing a diverse group of artists and styles of superlative quality. In showing these artists and works, Beals & Co. strives to bring art to audiences and collectors that truly moves them, and to create a space at the Showroom for meaningful interactions between art and the viewer. All shows are available for special preview by request by emailing


Herb Smith: Inhabitants

On view through March 16
Opening reception February 17, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

Staten Island native Herb Smith returns to Santa Fe this February to showcase his latest works. The collection focuses on Smith’s study of birds, painted with extraordinary detail and depth. More than a traditional still life, Smith’s birds exude realistic personality and character.

Reyes Padilla: An Introduction

On view March 17–April 14
Opening reception March 24, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

The work of Reyes Padilla moves—bold, modern lines combine with a multi-layered depth to create a canvas with motion. For this Santa Fe native, the line is embedded with melody, a visual depiction of the music he hears. A young, prolific artist, Padilla has become one to watch in recent years, and we are pleased to announce him as the latest artist on the Beals & Co. roster. Padilla’s work is marked by his synesthesia. When he hears sounds, he sees forms. Utilizing this cross-over of the senses, Padilla listens to music while he paints, trying to translate what he is hearing onto his canvas. “My goal with this show is to put people inside my head,” Padilla explains. “You’ll be able to walk into a painting and have no choice but to experience it and what it’s like to have synesthesia.”

April Howland: My Wild Kingdom

On view April 15–May 11
Opening reception April 28, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

Join us for an detailed look into the wildlife excursions of painter April Howland in her first solo show with Beals & Co. From big horn sheep to grizzly bears, each animal in April Howland’s paintings is an animal she has seen in the flesh. Her interactions with them clearly translates into a sense of intimacy in her work, depicting animals that resonate in a knowing way. Howland is an adventurer, trekking into the wilderness to share space with her subjects. Her large-scale oil on canvas works are realistic and strikingly unique, illustrating the extraordinary experiences she has while witnessing the Earth’s wildlife.

Group Pop-Up Show: Process

On view May 12–May 23
Opening reception May 12 at the Beals & Co. Showroom

An unprecedented multi-artist and multi-media gallery exhibition and art experience, Process centers on moments of transition. Featuring the collaborative work of artists from varied genres, the show explores what happens when they are asked to create together, adopting a new artistic process. Process features a six piece suite of work by collaborative partners Patrick Cloudface Burnham, an accomplished visual artist, dancer, and D, and lead show artist and poet, Carlos Contreras. Contreras and Cloudface will speak through canvas and paint, poetry, and presentation, to convey their process. In addition to their collaboration, the show will also include the visual artists David Santiago, Natalee Maxwell, Adelina Cruz, and Al’Nair Lara. Through their creative process of painting, each of them will respond to a written work by one of the following poets: Hakim Bellamy, Jessica Lopez, Ebony Isis Booth, and Damiel Flores. Completing the trifecta of works, a number of songwriters (as yet to be announced) will also respond to the poems, with their songs available for download via a QR code that will be distributed at the Showroom.

Jessica Loving: Bloom

On view June 2–23
Opening reception June 9, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

This summer, painter Jessica Loving shows her latest work in Bloom, a celebration of brightness and color. Her non-representative works will come to life on large-scale canvases that immerse the viewer in complex layers, creating an inhabitable space in which to stay and delve into. Loving is consistently inspired by the natural environment – in Bloom, she brings luminous, expansive pieces, evocative of summer’s vibrant sense of life.

Group Show: Unframed

On view June 23–July 7
Opening reception June 30, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

One of the pillars of Beals & Co. is the belief that art is for everyone. Beyond the main showroom area lay the flatfiles - a trove of affordable and limited edition prints from Beals & Co. artists. In Unframed, these prints will be presented up front, in some cases alongside their original work. A majority of artists on the roster will have their prints for sale.

Group Show: Artisan Market Showcase

On view July 8–July 23
Opening reception July 14, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

In conjunction with the International Folk Art Market, the Showroom reaches outside the realm of typical visual arts to present the Artistan Market Showcase. Featuring a diverse collection of furniture, textiles, weavings, pottery, and other home goods, the work presented will exclusively be created by local New Mexico artisans.

David Santiago: Zodiac

On view July 24–August 11
Opening reception July 28, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

Albuquerque native David Santiago presents Zodiac, a solo-show featuring his signature portraits of women. Painted on hand-picked panels of wood with charcoal, pastel, acrylic, ink, and makeup, each woman has a dusting of freckles that is in fact a constellation. Through these layered details his subjects come to life, and with this particular show the often overlooked star configurations will be illuminated.

Group Show: Indian Market Showcase

On view August 12–September 9
Opening reception August 18, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

A wide-ranging collection of works by premiere Native American artists will be on display at the showroom, held during the annual Santa Fe Indian Market, representing diversity in style and medium. A full list of artists will be available at a later date.

Tim Kenney: Textures

On view September 10–October 2
Opening reception September 22, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

Landscape painter Tim Kenney returns to Santa Fe with a show featuring his signature aspen tree works, known for incredibly vivid colors, and introduces a series with new subjects, including flowers and oak trees. Kenney grew up fly fishing in the wilderness of New Mexico and Colorado, and his familiarity and love for the landscape shines through his paintings. “When these aspen paintings are complete they relay the feeling of being in nature and being with these trees,” Kenney explains. “Collectors often comment that they have actually been in a spot that reminds them of a certain painting.”

Group Show: Miniature Works

On view December 2–23
Opening reception December 15, 5–7 pm at the Beals & Co. Showroom

A number of Beals & Co. artists present a collection of 12x12 pieces for the Miniature Works group show. 


Beals & Co. Showroom, founded by Bobby Beals, is a fine art dealer and art events coordinator company representing painters, sculptors, and photographers in the southwest. we work with resorts, fine dining restaurants, and real estate partners to create luxury experiences our collectors will remember. the Beals & Co. Showroom team aims to bring quality connections between the art lover and the hard-working, talented artists in its roster.