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830 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States

Luttmer Bio

Tobias Luttmer's Bio

Tobias Luttmer is driven by the desire to reach a balance between cubist abstraction and classical realism. This self-taught sculptor is a life-long resident of Calgary, Alberta and he lives his passion for creative experimentation.

Most of his pieces are created using indestructible materials which reflect Luttmer’s necessity for physicality. His process, generating dirt, grime, noise, smoke, dust, sparks and fire, is what moves his creativity forward and enables him to expresses his curiosity of human and animal forms.

With a true love of his craft he leaves evidence of his tools in his work as homage to the process. There is no certain ideal that the sculpture attempts to portray; rather Luttmer’s work depicts an evolution of form as it emerges from his materials. Each piece is taken to the point of release - where the line can go no further - which typically results in work on the abstract side of the spectrum.