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830 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States

Heather Foster


My paintings communicate the spirit of those around us; sometimes people on a crowded train and sometimes a beautiful, quirky animal (both of which seem to have a lot in common). I have spent many hours traversing wild terrain, splashing through creeks and climbing hills, often while clinging to back of an ATV while simultaneously trying to absorb a continuous stream of information. I take tons and tons of photos on these excursions. Back in my studio, I attempt to weave together my memories with the portraits of the animals. I also love to hear the stories that collectors who view my paintings will tell me about the memories they have stirred. My newest series involves buses and trains full of commuters and travelers. I find that my interests never really leave me, as this is a subject I investigated a number of years ago. My ideas continue to weave in and out of each other. I have never tired of any particular subject. Every face, every setting and every expression is a fresh thought.