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830 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States

Bloom - a solo show from Jessica Loving


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Bloom - a solo show from Jessica Loving

  • Beals & Co. Showroom 830 Canyon Road Santa Fe, NM, 87501 United States (map)

What: A solo show featuring the works of painter Jessica Loving.
When: Show runs June 2-23. Opening reception on June 9, 5-7 pm. Special preview available by request.
Where: Beals & Co. Showroom, 830 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

santa fe, nm | This summer, painter Jessica Loving shows her latest work in Bloom, a celebration of brightness and color. Her non-representative works will come to life on large-scale canvases that immerse the viewer in complex layers, creating an inhabitable space in which to stay and delve into. Loving is consistently inspired by the natural environment – in Bloom, she brings luminous, expansive pieces, evocative of summer’s vibrant sense of life.

As explained by Loving, the canvases “will be humming with brightness peering through layers of light-reactive material and glazes. Each piece is a poem, a singular vibrant moment suspended on a two dimensional plane.

When I work, I very much feel the color; these will be textural and visceral. My work always dives deeply into the unconscious and these pieces will continue that focus. In that space of being, color and pattern can serve as an invitation to explore without clinging to any notion of recognizable image. They merely provide a space to inhabit; an environment to step into if only for a moment.”

The nature of Loving’s non-representative works makes for an open space to explore, allowing for a very unique experince for each viewer. She builds layer upon layer of mixed media, making for canvases of extaordinary depth and detail, yet without specific form. The abstract style of her work summons memories, feelings, and sensations unique to each viewer and what they carry with them. As she writes, “the composition ushers in a viewer to create a narrative of their own. Something that is based on a long forgotten memory or idea. Something intensely personal. My hope is that these larger pieces offer a moment in time that is immersive, welcoming and ultimately, peaceful.”

As new details are noticed, new emotions awakened, the paintings evolve—Loving creates pieces which one can truly stand still with.

All are welcome to attend Bloom, opening on Friday, June 9 at the Beals & Co. Showroom, 830 Canyon Road.